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Vice principal reassigned after campus altercation

vice principal reassigned Larry Smith, vice principal at Bothell High School, was recently reassigned after an October fight on campus with a former student.
   Smith, 52, allegedly confronted and asked a visiting former student to leave campus. The altercation is said to have ended with a cut hand for Smith and unspecified injuries to the boy.
   Smith is now working in Northshore's support services department in risk management, where he will be until the end of the year. He will not be returning to Bothell High, and may choose to quit, stay, or retire.
   According to the school district, Smith's reassignment was not solely because of the incident, but rather "a picture over time."
   "The decision to reassign him was not made on the basis of the most recent incident at Bothell High School," said Pamela Steele, Northshore School District director of Communications.
   Smith has worked for the District for 13 years andat Bothell High since 1987.