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snowstorm pics

Snowstorm pictures

town skiiers

While local roads distressed many motorists, some residents brought out their cross-country skis and shooshed through town.


A billboard towering over the intersection of NE 175th and the South Bypass reminded citizens to smile even in the face of adversity.

shoveling snow

Business carried on in some locations, such as Molbak's, and sidewalks needed to be shoveled, as this man did Thursday night.


After the first snowstorm lifted, traffic began to filter back onto the highways and up the overpasses, such as the one connecting SR-522 and I-405.


While the grown-ups took care of business, Deedra and other kids hauled their toboggans out and played on the snowy slopes.


Taking a breather with his sled by his side, Tyler Larson prepares for another run on the big hill at Woodin Elementary after the snowfall Dec. 27.


As the sun came out Friday, Woodinville was revealed to be a winter wonderland.
Photos by Andrew Walgamott/Woodinville Weekly.