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State Patrol seeks information about accident

accident The Washington State Patrol is requesting assistance from the public in identifying the driver of a vehicle that was at or near the scene of a Nov. 21 fatality off State Route 18 near its intersection with the Issaquah-Hobart Road.
   Jaimie Penzinski, 30, was involved in a minor one-car accident in her blue Ford Escort on the icy highway at about 5:30 a.m. She was on foot when another vehicle came through the scene and lost control on the slippery road surface.
   Penzinski ran for the jersey barrier and jumped over to avoid being hit by the vehicle, probably not realizing she was on an elevated overpass. She fell to the Issaquah-Hobart Road below and was killed instantly.
   The driver of the car that prompted her to jump regained control and continued eastbound on SR-18. It was dark and foggy, and that driver may not have realized what had happened, or that anyone had been killed.
   The only description of the vehicle witnesses could provide was that it had round headlights. The State Patrol is seeking anyone who may have mentioned the icy conditions they encountered in that stretch of SR-18 that morning and/or a one-car spinout on the overpass at that time. Anyone with information is asked to call WSP Detective Jeff Hall at (206) 957-2331. The case number is 96-012635.