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County Council by Councilmember Louise Miller, District 3
While King County provides a broad spectrum of services, one of the areas my staff and I hear most about is roads and traffic complaints throughout the unincorporated areas of Council District 3. One of the biggest challenges in road design is to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as motor vehicles.
   During 1996, the traffic wing of the King County Roads Division implemented the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program, which unites County Roads with citizen neighborhood groups looking for specific traffic improvements in their area. Solutions have ranged from new signage, increased enforcement by county police, use of radar-readerboard equipment and special fliers, all the way up to speed bumps and other physical devices for the most troublesome sites.
   Solutions for each neighborhood are developed and proposed by work teams in each neighborhood and then approved and implemented by King County Roads staff. I have been most impressed with this program because the Roads Division is taking off its engineering hat in order to meet with citizens and really consider the solutions these neighborhood groups develop. Citizens know their neighborhoods and now are having a direct impact on the traffic control measures applied to those neighborhoods.
   The Traffic Engineering unit is also being careful that solutions for one street do not move a traffic problem over to a neighboring street. Traffic solutions are developed holistically, so that entire communities can benefit, not just one or two streets.
   The Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program has served more than 10 separate neighborhoods in 1996, and I expect it to continue in growth and popularity in the next couple of years.
   If you have questions about the program or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to call Dave Paul in the King County Roads Division at 296-6596. My legislative aide, Paula Adams, is also available to discuss the program with you, and she can be reached at 296-1003.