JANUARY 6, 1997

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Thank you!

editorial Thank you to all the emergency services people who worked 'round the clock to help the community and thank you to those volunteers in the neighborhoods that came to the aid of those in need.

Guest Column

A true winter holiday story

Guest Column by John L. Hoff, Th.D.
Ten years ago, a dozen friends gathered after the winter holiday season to discuss how they might make their next holiday time more to their liking.

Letters to the Editor

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Clear the streets after the storm

clear the streets Here we are again. We got a couple of winter storms, and every county collapses regarding transportation.

Power company workers appreciated

workers appreciated Concerning the ungrateful person who wrote in complaining about power company linemen not getting the power on: Why weren't you out there freezing your hands and tails off to get the power back on, like all those workers were?

City hasn't proven it paid a fair price

fair price Mayor Miller's response to my letter regarding the purchase of 3.14 acres by the city must be answered. Mayor Miller, like the City Manager and their consultant, states as fact that the price paid "reflects a fair value for the property..."

County politicians don't honor promises

broken promises An initiative is circulating in King County to require a vote of citizens before the county can spend more than $50 million. I hope the initiative gets on the ballot and passes, because like many others, I no longer trust government.

A new stadium game plan

new stadium The taxpaying citizens of King County who want to increase their taxes by supporting the building of two stadiums for $800 million or more should not be denied the opportunity.

Mariners not worthy of new stadium

new stadium On Dec. 23, 1996, the Public Facilities District Board voted 4 to 3 to approve extortion by the Seattle Mariners. All seven board members were upset with the behavior of the Mariners.

Regarding November...

random thoughts Regarding November: A bite of Craswell, a whiff of Taber, was it truly worth all that labor?