JANUARY 6, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


A new stadium game plan

new stadium The taxpaying citizens of King County who want to increase their taxes by supporting the building of two stadiums for $800 million or more should not be denied the opportunity.
   Game plan: Let each team finance the total cost of construction, knowing that those who say they will support same pick up the tab on a prorated basis for each game they will attend--we assume they go to each and every game.
   It works like this: [1] you buy a ticket for each game you attend; [2] you pick up a note at each game, prorated on an individual basis. Ticket cost $30, cost to re-pay for stadium $800. Your total cost for each game you attend, $850.
   Over a period of maybe 50 years, the team is reimbursed for their initial investment. Those who yell "give away the farm" will be happy. Every politician who supports giving away the farm would absolutely not be given complimentary tickets and should pay the same way, especially Senator Slade Gorton, who is rich in his own right.
   The only public official who is right on this issue is Maggi Fimia, and the public's support for her re-election will bear this out.

Dale Ashley, Seattle