JANUARY 6, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Regarding November...

random thoughts Regarding November: A bite of Craswell, a whiff of Taber, was it truly worth all that labor? Concerning the letter I last submitted. The lady is truly Mmm, Mmm, Good. For an earful, take a listen to KLife 1590 AM at 9:45; or call 1-800-7594 "Joy." I also love Alexander Scourby, who reads the Bible to me. He's at the library where you can order his tapes and take a listen for free, too. And, hey, remember "we're" Pepsi-Cola; keep putting it in, and one day, He shakes "your" bottle. And surprise! Out comes God's Love and not "us."

Leslie Dawn Neagle, Lake "Joy"