JANUARY 6, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


This old house needs a new family

old house

It's still a charming old house that could be restored to its original beauty.
Photo by Oscar Roloff.

Oscar Roloff by Oscar Roloff
Nearly a century ago, a man named Jones--his first name is not recalled--owned a copper mine in Montana. He came out west to what is now the greater Woodinville area and spotted 700 acres of land.
   He made a swap. He traded his copper mine for the west's 700 acres of land. Even Steven.
   In 1904, he picked a site for a house and built it. Today, a third house remains on the same site. Jones remained on his land until dying in 1941, WW II's beginning.
   Gary Vig, who is current owner of the six acres on which the house is located, said it was part of the original 700, as was the adjoining three acres on which his house is located. He asked me to tour the old house. For years, I'd wanted to go up and take photos of the oldie, but didn't know who owned it.
   As we stood there looking at the startling, contrasting older house, Gary said longingly, "I'd just love to fix up this old house. I can do it. I just wonder what the county would say about my desire?"
   "Gary," I said, "Go for it. Ask the county. They just may give an OK. I may help. Could be a water-boy. This forlorn-looking house exudes grace and charm. There's need for a family to live inside. Often a wish develops into action and completeness. That's in connection with the magic of believing, and I follow that gleam in my writing. Go for it, Gary."
   As a writer and historian, I gaze at this still beautiful structure of yesterday. It still has a ruggedness and determination to hang in there.
   Gary Vig said he'd restore it himself if the county would approve his plan. It would really be nice to restore this last local reminder of what once was.