JANUARY 13, 1997

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Guest Column

Rebuilding after the storms

rebuilding by the Better Business Bureau of Western Washington
Homeowners suffering damage from the recent holiday snow and rain storms are being warned not to let disaster strike twice. Con men often breeze into disaster areas.

Letters to the Editor

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Good Samaritans to the rescue

Good Samaritans Your column will see many letters describing the eight days of snowstorms, floods, and outages. However, I want to tell you about some wonderful Samaritans who came to my rescue during that time.

Fire District needs 'Taxpayer's Watchcat'

Taxpayer's Watchcat What's going on with our Fire Department? It seems that for the last year, on an almost weekly basis, articles can be found in the Woodinville Weekly describing things that at first glance would appear difficult to believe.

Government inconsistencies have dire effects

inconsistencies Swamp Creek flooding and the Herbfarm rebuilding illustrate the effects of government control and inconsistency.

Article one-sided and deceiving

Children's Country House The article about Children's Country House and Mary Shemesh (Dec. 30, 1996) not only painted a very deceiving picture of this project but was also written from only one point of view. The picture would be very different if you had investigated further.

County singing a flim-flam song

flim-flam song There's a Film-Flam Band that has been belting out a beat since the 1994 election. Their songs have been, "Get The Government Off Our Backs" and "Less Taxes."

Student researcher asks for help

student researcher Our sixth grade is doing a project about the United States. I am doing research about Washington state.

Duvall Fire District still Number 1

Duvall Fire District Thanks to Duvall King Co. Fire Dist. #45 Chief Mercer Tyndal. I wish to thank the Duvall Fire Fighters on the recent roof cave-in at my Duvall Hardware Store building.