JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Good Samaritans to the rescue

Good Samaritans Your column will see many letters describing the eight days of snowstorms, floods, and outages. However, I want to tell you about some wonderful Samaritans who came to my rescue during that time.
   Stupidly, I tried to drive my car during a lull. I got it out of the carport, but the wheels went spinning on ice, going nowhere. A neighbor came over and tried to push it, but it wouldn't budge. Just then, a group of women and children came along on their way to Albertson's. They saw our distress, got behind the car and pushed it back into the port.
   They then walked me to my apartment, making sure I didn't slip on the way. As we approached my door, they asked if I needed anything, that they were going marketing and then they'd go to McDonald's. I could use a small package of ham or turkey, I told them. "How about a Big Mac?" they asked. "A small one," I replied.
   Off they went. An hour later they returned, laden with ham, turkey, soups, fruit, mints, and a Big Mac. They refused my money, but called out "Merry Christmas" as they left.
   I hope those good Samaritans see this letter because I want them to know how much their kindness meant to me.

Louise Fontaine, Woodinville