JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Government inconsistencies have dire effects

inconsistencies Swamp Creek flooding and the Herbfarm rebuilding illustrate the effects of government control and inconsistency.
   The logjam blamed for Swamp Creek flooding would have been removed last summer except that "King County was unable to obtain the necessary permits." The arduous permit process proves the difficulty of removal once jams are in place. Yet the government still requires placement of LWD (large woody debris) in other streams for fish habitat, even though water bypassing the debris creates erosion and flooding. (It's fish first, people last.)
   The Herbfarm's Topsy-like growth was never legal in the first place, and entailed King County's looking the other way. The fact that Councilman Brian Derdowski said an ordinance would be passed if necessary for the Herbfarm to get what it wants is yet another frustration for thousands of anonymous rural landowners for whom the passage of ordinances always means take-away, not help.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville