JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


County singing a flim-flam song

flim-flam song There's a Film-Flam Band that has been belting out a beat since the 1994 election. Their songs have been, "Get The Government Off Our Backs" and "Less Taxes." The band leader is U.S. Senator Slade Gorton, and the two drummers are columnists Bob Wallace and John Carlson.
   With her Guest Column (Dec. 23, 1996), Louise Miller, King County Council, District 3, has joined the band. Her column is a calendar of events since the Mariners said "For Sale." In the column is the July 31, 1995 entry showing the King County ordinance that asks the voters to approve a special stadium tax of one-tenth of one per cent.
   Nowhere in her column is there a reference to the voters saying "no" to the ordinance of a special sales tax. Why the omission? I believe Louise Miller is singing a film-flam song.
   The Flim-Flam Band is now playing different tunes. They are: "Off our backs and build us two new stadiums," "Take me out to the ballpark and buy me a ticket to the game," and "We know nothing about taxes."
   I'm for Paul Allen's idea of an open-air stadium provided he can control the weather like the stuff we have now--no traffic movement and frozen water pipes. I hear a song coming from his headquarters. It goes like this, "The Kingdome Is No Home For Me." My tune is, "Let 'Em Go, Let 'Em Go, Let 'Em Go. There'll Be Another."
   What scares me most is the county's ability to use the Eminent Domain Ordinance to support a private business. Where does it go from there?

George F. Slusser, Ring Hill