JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Duvall Fire District still Number 1

Duvall Fire District Thanks to Duvall King Co. Fire Dist. #45 Chief Mercer Tyndal.
   I wish to thank the Duvall Fire Fighters on the recent roof cave-in at my Duvall Hardware Store building. With tarps of poly, they covered all the merchandise possible, in the hardware and antique store. Also, to prevent further damage, they made tarp runways to let the water escape from the building. They assisted with the power, gas, traffic and security. A large crew worked several hours to protect our properties.
   Memories quickly returned to me, as my mother worked in this store in 1926. Also my family and I worked there over 30 years. What a distraught feeling to see such damage. Thanks for the personal comfort and compassion to me.
   I should have remembered, you are still number one.

Dave Harder, Duvall