JANUARY 13, 1997

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WHS students get free billboard for Wilmot Park

DECA students promote brick sales for park


Woodinville High Students teamed up with the city and AK Media/NW for the Wilmot Gateway fundraising and got a billboard donated to the cause. From left are WHS student Brian Carlson; Director of Parks and Recreation Lane Youngblood; WHS students Leo Little, Marni Leiter, Paul Burke, Brett Lasby, Jeff Schwindt; Nicole Anton (AK Media/NW); Ric Pearce (who put up the billboard); and Jenna Gimzeck (AK Media/NW).
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

Wilmot Gateway Park by Jeff Switzer
   WOODINVILLE--The Wilmot Gateway Park fundraising effort has gotten another shot in the arm from the savvy third-year marketing students at Woodinville High, who secured the donation of a billboard to promote the park's brick sales.
   The seven students called on AK Media/NW, managers of Ackerley billboards, to see what they could do to support the campaign. AK Media/NW felt it was a worthy class and community project to support and donated the 12-foot by 25-foot billboard west of the park for a four-week period. The billboard would typically cost $1,000 for that time period.
   "It's neat when the students call us and put the effort into it," said Nicole Anton, director of Community Relations for AK Media/NW. "They got a real feel for advertising and marketing and really got an education on billboards."
   The members of the student management team are Paul Burke, Brian Carlson, Eric Dodsley, Brett Lasby, Marni Leiter, Leo Little, and Jeff Schwindt. They said they want to get the message out to the public that everyone can leave a permanent mark on Woodinville by purchasing a brick or tile engraved with their name, their child's name or business name engraved on it. The bricks will eventually be placed in the park.
   The billboard went up last Thursday morning with City Councilmembers present, as well as AK Media/NW representatives, city staff, and Woodinville High Principal Dave Jones. It is located by McCorry's and is visible to eastbound traffic on NE 173rd Street and southbound traffic on SR-202/Woodinville-Redmond Road. The design resembles a soup can logo.
   "I think it is great that businesses and community members have responded to our marketing efforts," said Leo Little, member of the WHS Marketing Management Team. "It has been a great experience."
   The marketing team has also put up a sign at the Wilmot Park site, distributed order forms through elementary school PTA newsletters, and placed an informational booth outside of Albertson's. Some members serve on the park's Steering Committee.
   "I'm glad to know that a great number of bricks were sold due to the PTA involvement," said student Brian Carlson. "It's great to see the work rewarded like that. It's a tangible result instead of getting a grade for something."
   Carlson and Paul Burke have teamed up to write a manual to submit for the DECA retail merchandising competition, having already done the legwork for the fundraising.
   Those interested in more information about the brick sale or the park can call Lane Youngblood, director of Woodinville Parks & Recreation, at 489-2700.