JANUARY 13, 1997

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Dining In: Popular pasta dishes

recipes Pasta can give you a head start on healthful meals. Depending on the sauce or ingredients you add, it's low in fat. And, unless it was made with whole eggs, it contains no cholesterol.

Molbak's celebrates midwinter

Molbak's events Molbak's has announced its first tribute to the winter season during the month of January. The Midwinter Celebration will feature seminars, events, displays, and demonstrations that will offer ideas for everyone from the serious gardener to home enthusiasts.

Protect your baby against Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B The Washington State Department of Health warns that mothers infected with hepatitis B may transmit the disease to their newborns during childbirth.

Programs can help keep the heat on

heating bills If your budget is stretched to the brink by high heating bills, there are programs available to help keep the heat going during the winter months.

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