JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

Local News

Police beat

police beat by Jeff Switzer
Parents vacationing for two weeks in Mexico returned Jan. 5 to a yard full of debris, broken beer bottles, and trash following a New Year's Eve party thrown by their 17-year-old son in the 16500 block of NE 180th. The family's Volvo and Peugeot were damaged, as well as two speakers, a window, a table, a .22-caliber rifle, two porcelain dolls, the hearth, and the computer. Water damage was also found downstairs.
   Stolen items from the home included one antique ostrich egg, two statues, an 8-foot dried cobra skin, six CDs, a mask from Bali, one VCR, seven bottles of wine, two African masks, and one pair of shoes.
   The homeowners found spent .22 shells on the back deck. The son said the gun had been discharged on New Year's Eve. "It was evident that a large beer party had been held in their absence," the report read.
   On Jan. 6, a daytime residential burglary in the 12400 block of NE 163rd Place resulted in the loss of five necklaces, a bracelet, and a pillowcase.
   Also on Jan. 6, several jars of change were stolen in a daytime residential burglary in the 12500 block of NE 165th Court. The stereo was disconnected and left in the middle of the living room floor, and a camera taken from the kitchen was left on the sofa. The suspects gained entry by prying open a window, then ransacked the drawers throughout the house.
   On Jan. 8, a large round object was thrown through the window of a restaurant in the 17800 block of 131st Ave. NE, destroying the window and damaging the far wall, where the object, possibly a rock or bowling ball, came to rest. The suspects tried to jimmy several safes, but were unsuccessful.
   On Jan. 9, at midnight, a 1995 Chevy Camaro left running with the keys in the ignition was stolen from outside the AM/PM minimarket.