JANUARY 13, 1997

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City, county evaluate flooding

flooding by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--Unlike the flooding in February 1996, the exceptional rains and melting snow of December found King County and the city prepared at the site of the Hollywood Schoolhouse, where crews constructed a rock berm before the flows jumped the channel and the culverts clogged.
   But the city and county had just spent time and money placing logs and debris along the stream channel this past summer, and the culverts still clogged. The culprit was, simply enough, too much rain, described as a 50-year storm.
   "It seems the 50-year flood is happening every two years," said Councilmember Lucy DeYoung.
   Jenny Gaus, King County Surface Water Management coordinator for Woodinville, said the logs and debris placed along the stream channel on the hill did their work, trapping sediment and slowing down the water, thereby also preventing the transfer of sediment.
   "But one blew out at the bottom," she said, adding that the culverts had been cleaned out prior to the storm.
   The city is re-evaluating its approach to the flooding problem in light of capacity concerns at the adjacent intersection. Enlarging the culverts and smoothing the 90-degree bend which provides "a poor pathway for sediment and water flowing toward the river," are already in the works, as well as adding a headwall to redirect the force of the water away from 148th Avenue NE.
   While the culverts will be enlarged, the upstream replantings may be tabled until this summer.

Tributary 0087 flooding
   The sludge deposited by the flooding at the Woodinville Methodist Church and the lots behind Albertson's was shoveled up and removed last week. The city is continuing to evaluate the clogged drains from the apartment complex east to 140th Ave. NE, which were plugged one after another with logs, rocks, and sediment, forcing the road to be closed New Year's Eve.
   During a City Council discussion, an unenforceable maintenance agreement with the apartment complex was mentioned as a contributing factor to the flooding.