JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

Local News

Load shifts, train stuck


Heavy cranes were brought in to unload containers from a BN train stuck in Woodinville when a load shifted and rail cars gouged up the track.
Photo by Andrew Walgamott.

train stuck by Andrew Walgamott
A Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train pulling rail cars and containers that were damaged in a derailment near Maltby recently became stuck last Tuesday evening on the tracks just west of the Woodinville-Snohomish Road at 132nd Ave. NE in Woodinville.
   BNSF was taking the cars to the Woodinville sidings to unload the damaged containers and truck them to their final destination. According to the BNSF trainmaster, while the train was going across the bridge to back onto a siding, a "piggyback" car, double-stacked with containers, shifted, causing the already damaged cars to gouge up railroad ties and twist the siding track. The train could go neither backwards nor forward without tearing up more track. So the conductor and brakeman left the train sitting overnight.
   By Wednesday, a crane arrived to lift the containers off the carriers, lightening the load and allowing the train to go forward and back once again. BNSF uses the line to run freight from Redmond to Everett via Woodinville, Maltby, and Snohomish. The line was used as an alternative route during the winter storm when the BNSF mainline along Puget Sound was damaged by landslides and flooding.