JANUARY 13, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

Local News

Metro King County Council news: Herbfarm destroyed in fire

County Council by Louise Miller, Metro-King County Councilmember
As publicized in the Seattle Times and the P.I. last week, The Herbfarm restaurant in Fall City was completely destroyed by fire. Like so many citizens throughout King County, I was deeply saddened to have lost such a treasured asset in our community. Unfortunately, however, there have been many reports stating that King County will not allow the Herbfarm to rebuild.
   I would like to clarify that the county has made no such determination. In fact, prior to this fire, a team of county staff were assembled to find a mechanism such as a rezone or an amendment to the County's land use regulations to allow the Herbfarm to expand their operations.
   At the time of the fire, no firm conclusion had been made by the county. Nevertheless, a significant amount of energy was--and is--being spent on the Herbfarm's behalf. King County recognizes that the Herbfarm has attracted tourists not only within King County, but also from around the world. Staff have worked very hard over the years to support these valued operations.
   The critical issue for rebuilding the Herbfarm restaurant is accommodating the residential zoning requirements in the area. In the residential zone, the Herbfarm can rebuild to its original size. However, if the Herbfarm wants to expand, a rezone or code amendment may be required. County staff are already working with the Herbfarm owners following this tragic event and we are hopeful that all conditions can be met in order to restore this valued facility.