JANUARY 20, 1997

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An opportunity for our community

editorial Our community has an opportunity to participate in a citizen network research program at home that would increase communication between citizens and elected political leaders.

Guest Column

Education funding a priority

education funding by Jean Fowler, member, Northshore School Board and Northshore Coalition
The 55th Legislature is now in session. Education is high on their list of priorities. It is a topic of interest to all of us--parents, non-parents, employers, and community members.

Letters to the Editor

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Community generous again

Winterfest Once again, Woodinville High School's annual Winterfest celebration was a success! Thanks to the generosity of the community and the student body, we were able to donate three truckloads of clothing and blankets to the University District Youth Center.

Setting the record straight

corrections I would like to correct the Fire District article of Dec. 23. In light of all that has been going on with the Fire District, I felt it was important to make these corrections.

Responding to criticism

Children's Country Home In response to Lisa Albright's letter regarding the Children's Country Home (Dec. 30, 1996): Lisa Albright is incorrect in her misconstrued assumptions and accusations on multiple points.

New police building would ensure residents' safety

new police building The recent snowstorm reminds us of how fragile our homes and safety can be when up against nature's elements. It underlined for me the attention we must give to the safety of our 911 emergency system.

Police are visible, building is not

Bothell Police Our Bothell Police Department does a wonderful job of being an integral part of our community. They are in our schools, they patrol our streets, they take an active role in community events.

Put fire station downtown, sportsfields on the Hill

relocation Between Hollywood Hill Elementary and the Gold Creek Stables are nearly 20 King County-owned acres that would convert nicely into sports fields.

Recipe for a new city

new city Start with a couple of huge developers with large parcels of land--Weyerhaeuser and Port Blakely Communities. In this case, it's land out in a rural area, because these developers don't have big enough chunks of land in the existing urban area.

Outpouring of support a great comfort to Herbfarm

Herbfarm fire On Monday evening, Jan. 6, The Herbfarm experienced a traumatic fire, losing the entire building which housed the offices and the restaurant. Although the loss is devastating, we are grateful no lives were lost.