JANUARY 20, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Outpouring of support a great comfort to Herbfarm

Herbfarm fire To the Fall City Community:
   On Monday evening, Jan. 6, The Herbfarm experienced a traumatic fire, losing the entire building which housed the offices and the restaurant. Although the loss is devastating, we are grateful no lives were lost.
   We sincerely thank the 11 individuals who took the time to call 911. The Fall City Fire Department arrived within minutes and stayed all night to make sure every spark was out. You risked your lives for our business, and we appreciate the extra effort to help us salvage as much as possible.
   The outpouring of support we have received from you, our neighbors, and the community as a whole has been a great comfort. So many have called, written, or stopped by to offer us your prayers, food, services, and support. Your thoughtfulness has bolstered all of us at The Herbfarm as we begin the cleanup process.
   Fall City has been a caring, supportive community, and we plan to remain an active supportive member for many years to come.
   Thanks to all.

Ron, Carrie, Bill, Lola, and all The Herbfarm staff