JANUARY 20, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Setting the record straight

corrections I would like to correct the Fire District article of Dec. 23.
   First of all, I personally requested the personnel file of Commissioner Dave Callon, not the Citizens Advisory Committee, for which I also have been the official chair and spokesperson, not unofficial as stated. The choice to go to court was made by the Fire District, not myself. I requested the information through the public disclosure act, and the Fire District decided to have a court decide whether or not I should have it.
   The CAC is not disbanded! No matter how powerful the commissioners feel they are, they do not have power to disband a citizens group and tell the public to go away. Elected officials work for each of us.
   The article also mentioned that this cost the district $2,500 of my attorney fees; what did this cost the district in their own legal costs? This was not reported, and since the Fire District was the one who chose to go to court, I believe a fair accounting to the public is necessary.
   The entire article quoted the attorney for the Fire District, Clark Snure. Clark was not even in court. The article stated that the judge did not have the time to study the case; in fact, the judge said on the record he had totally read the case.
   The article went on to say that "the case was scheduled before another judge, but when they appeared in court Monday morning, that judge had not heard of the case and deferred to the presiding judge, Charles Mertel." We were in court in the afternoon, not morning, and the reason the judge had not heard of the case was the papers had been inappropriately filed by the Fire District's law firm.
   In light of all that has been going on with the Fire District, I felt it was important to make these corrections. Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight.

Mary Baum, Woodinville