JANUARY 20, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Responding to criticism

Children's Country Home In response to Lisa Albright's letter regarding the Children's Country Home (Dec. 30, 1996): Lisa Albright is incorrect in her misconstrued assumptions and accusations on multiple points.
   First, there is widespread support and active involvement of some of her immediate neighbors, as well as many people in our community, contributing to the creation of this home for disabled children. Secondly, disabled persons are not excluded from living in a home in any part of our entire country--including rural America. Furthermore, this home is a home for disabled children and not a medical facility, as she claims. In fact, the license title specified "Pediatric Group Home."
   A generator is being installed for power outages. The medical supplies will be provided by a number of sources for the children, depending on their current provider and preferred provider arrangement of the payor of supplies. However, the medical supply company which I own will be providing the electric beds to the home at cost. Neither I nor my business partner, Andi Bailey, will be receiving any fees for administration of this non-profit pediatric group home.
   Having never spoken with Lisa Albright, I'm trying to understand her fear, and I hope the future will dispel it.

Mary Shemesh, Children's Country Home proponent