JANUARY 20, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Put fire station downtown, sportsfields on the Hill

relocation Between Hollywood Hill Elementary and the Gold Creek Stables are nearly 20 King County-owned acres that would convert nicely into sports fields. What could be more perfect, in this era of promoting use of county/school facilities for recreation, than converting this site, in an area already largely devoted to sports and children, to badly-needed sports fields.
   Then perhaps Councilwoman Louise Miller and her sports fields cohorts would stop beating up on the Woodinville fire department in an attempt to convert the department's downtown-station 3-acre site into sports fields.
   The fire department needs quick arterial access to Woodinville's downtown commercial/residential areas; lives will eventually depend on that quick access. Sports fields don't need that access.
   While a fire station could be built in the zoning for the Hollywood Hill site, the Hollywood Hill people years ago objected fiercely to a station site on the hill. The same RA-2.5 zoning that's on the Hill is also in place on the 3-acre site adjacent to downtown Woodinville. And while Hill people are also objecting to a fire station on the three acres, I think they'd rather see the station there than up on the hill.
   Since the fire station's three acres are appropriately zoned and located for a fire station, the fire department should be enabled to build its station where it's needed, while the sports people and Ms. Miller locate themselves elsewhere than on an ideal fire station site. (It's notable that King County people have looked in vain for an equal site for the station.)

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville