JANUARY 20, 1997

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Police Beat

police beat by Jeff Switzer
On Jan. 14, two homes in the Kingsgate area were burglarized, unknown suspects making off with large amounts of jewelry, including watches, rings, and earrings, a flip phone, and a large plastic piggy bank.
   Unknown suspects broke into a business in the 15100 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road sometime after 2 a.m. on Jan. 15. A laptop computer, a portable stereo, and an undisclosed amount of cash were taken. The computer was "apparently yanked and ripped ... from the desk without bothering to disconnect it," the report read. "It appears everything that was touched was taken."
   Last week, police recovered what is believed to be a stolen vehicle in the 19500 block of 144th Ave. NE. The vehicle contained a stolen briefcase containing airline tickets, a credit card, and tattoo and pornographic magazines. An orange, cold-weather survival suit with "emery" on the back was found in the truck bed.
   Also in the 19500 block of 144th Avenue NE, police responded to reports of three commercial burglaries last week, where a 1984 Toyota pickup, power tools, and a welding torch were stolen from one business, a credit card reader, TV/VCR and video camera from the next. "We are investigating it," said Sgt. Rich Krogh of Woodinville Police. "There are some possibilities that we're looking at, and the officers that work in the area are aware of it." Krogh said anyone in the area who has information or has sustained a loss and not reported it should do so. King County Police can be reached at 296-3311.
   Police pulled over a 1972 Dodge Dart with its license plate light out to discover drug paraphernalia (a metal pipe) in the ashtray with a burnt residue on it. The officer then searched the suspect, a 27-year-old Bothell man, finding a cellophane wrapper full of white rock powder, which tested positive as cocaine, a baggie with a green vegetable matter in the man's pockets. Paper bundles with white powder in them were found in the vehicle. The man was released and charges are pending Washington State Patrol crime lab results.