JANUARY 20, 1997

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Northshore receives award

Diamond Awards The Northshore School District has been named one of 15 winners of the Commuter Challenge's annual Diamond Awards. The awards recognize innovative employee transportation programs.

Hammering, sawing, and sanding at Hollywood Hill

enrichment program The room is filled with the sounds of saws and hammers and constant sanding. The voices are full of enthusiasm and confidence, and there are smiles on the faces of all the busy children participating in this new enrichment program at Hollywood Hill Elementary.

Northshore School District sets public forums on funding issues

funding issues The community is invited to attend one of several forums to learn about the educational funding issues facing the state and their impact on the Northshore School District.

Graduation party tickets

senior party tickets Woodinville High School's senior party tickets are now on sale. This is a safe, fun party put on by the senior parents for the graduating class. It begins directly after graduation.

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