JANUARY 27, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Guest Column

Tireless commitment from School Board members

school board by Cheryl de Boer and Karen Orsinger
Would you respond to an ad for employment that required you to work long hours, make public appearances, attend numerous public meetings, make difficult decisions, and comply with a wide variety of federal and state laws ... all with no pay?
   In the Northshore School district, we are fortunate to have five very dedicated individuals who do just that. They are B-Z Davis, Jean Fowler, Kirby Larson, Sue Paro, and Jeff Schaub, the members of the Northshore School Board.
   These elected representatives devote enormous amounts of time on behalf of the students in the Northshore School District. It is the board of education's responsibility to determine the direction, goals and policies of the school district. Board members set the tone based on their knowledge and sensitivity to the desires and needs of the patrons of their district.
   In addition to writing policy, the board of education is also responsible for setting salaries, determining the district's budget, levying the tax rate, and entering into contracts. It settles discipline matters for both staff and students, and ensures that the school district complies with all state and federal laws pertaining to education. These are weighty responsibilities for a group of volunteers.
   There is nothing ceremonial about this job. It is a lot of hard work for the members, who must interact with parents, students, staff, leaders of other governmental subdivisions, and, of course, the patrons of the district.
   The school board is responsibile to the people of the district and must be sensitive to the opinions and attitudes in the community. They are charged with advancing their community's vision for its children, its progress toward attaining its goals, and the development of its children as individuals who can successfully take their places in a common society. We should all be grateful to the individuals in our community who make this sacrifice year after year.
   January is National School Board Recognition Month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank B-Z, Jean, Kirby, Sue and Jeff for their tireless commitment to Northshore's students. As co-presidents of the Northshore PTA Council, it is a pleasure and an honor to work with such outstanding individuals. No group of people has worked harder to provide all of its children with an equal opportunity for a quality education.

Cheryl de Boer and Karen Orsinger are Northshore PTA Council Co-Presidents.