JANUARY 27, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Delightful fable premieres at SCT

Seattle Children's Theatre by Deborah Stone
As adults, we all know the value of friendship, and in our daily lives we depend on our friends for understanding, comfort, and companionship. Children, too, in their own way, realize the significance of friendship.
   Recently, after seeing the Northwest premiere of The Short Tree and the Bird That Could Not Sing at Seattle Children's Theatre, my two sons spoke about friendship. The six-year-old said, "I like my friends and they like me. We like to be with each other. We can help each other, too."
   The nine-year-old added, "A friend is like a big heart next to you."
   In The Short Tree and the Bird That Could Not Sing, four gifted actors bring twenty-six characters to life in a story that follows the friendship between a small, lonely tree and a tone-deaf bird over the course of a year. Seasons change and force the two friends to part, but spring eventually returns, and with it comes the bird to once again rejoin the tree who has now begun to grow.
   This fable, written by Canadian playwright Dennis Foon, developed many years ago out of correspondence with Foon's four-year-old daughter when the two were separated by divorce. It became a highly-acclaimed picture book dealing with the issue of separation anxiety.
   SCT once again has given families a quality show that provides its audiences with plenty of warm fuzzies and a valuable message. The Short Tree... runs through April 6th. For ticket information, call 441-3322.