JANUARY 27, 1997

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Heritage Corridor receives grant dollars, looking for volunteers

Heritage Corridor by Jeff Switzer
Winding its way from Woodinville to North Bend, State Route 202 is on the fast track towards a more definable existence as a Heritage Corridor after recently receiving an additional $15,600 in federal funds.
   The project budget is now $54,750 from county, state, and local sources, as well as in-kind donations, but the funds from the state Heritage Corridor Program must be expended by June 30.
   And after a year of planning and building momentum, the Heritage Corridor Advisory Group has begun the process of identifying, developing, preserving, and interpreting heritage resources along the route.
   "To this point, the heritage corridor has been a lot of talk," said Don Julien, acting chair of the group. "The grant gives us the opportunity to produce something tangible."
   After the existing and potential resources have been identified, the stops which are already visitor-friendly will be listed in a tourism brochure for statewide distribution, he said.

Vision statement
   "The heritage of SR-202 is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit, from Native American trade to timber and farming, to contemporary trade, high-tech, and tourism.
   "Our heritage is a history of industry and enterprise, building a life for our families in a land of beauty. As our communities move through change, we remain rooted in the natural, historical, and entrepreneurial heritage of this place we choose to call home."
   The mission of the SR-202 Heritage Corridor Advisory Group is to find ways to capture, interpret, and promote the heritage resources of the communities and the routes that connect them.
   "Now that we have a direction, we can begin to try to draw in more involvement," Julien said.
   Kay Reinartz, from the Office of Cultural Resources, echoed Julien's sentiments. "They're very welcome, we need all the help we can get," she said. There is a variety of work to be done, including taking pictures and walking the routes, she noted. "The people are really enthusiastic."
   To date, 25 people are on the committees and 70 on the mailing list. The group is also looking for temporary office space along the corridor.
   Those who want more information or are interested in participating in the project can contact Don Julien at 788-0733; Kay Reinartz at 296-8625 or kay.reinartz@metrokc.gov; or Brenda Vanderloop of the Woodinville Tourism Partnership, 788-9766.