JANUARY 27, 1997

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police beat

Police Beat

Maltby church robbed, vandalized
   Unknown persons broke into the Maltby Christian Assembly Jan. 12, stealing $15,000 worth of sound equipment and leaving what was described as a "juvenile mess" behind.
   According to Pastor David Brakke, speakers, monitors, and microphones for the church's sound system were stolen. "Churches are getting more popular to hit because of the elaborate sound systems," Brakke said.
   Inside the church, locked doors were pried open with crowbars. Other high-tech equipment, such as computers, was not touched.
   But the vandals trashed the kitchen, tossing pickles and coffee grounds around. They also left pentagrams and other graffiti behind and wrote in ketchup, "In God we trust."
   Brakke said the mess had been cleaned up.
   Deputy Matt Trafford of the South Snohomish County Sheriff's Precinct said there were no leads and no suspects. Anyone with information about the case is urged to call (206) 388-3839.

In other police reports:
   On Jan. 17, a Woodinville High student returned to the parking lot after a high school basketball game to find the back window of his 1984 Jeep Wagoneer smashed and the speaker box taken from the vehicle. The victim asked students if they had seen anything, and they reportedly directed him to a specific student at the opposing team's school. Police are investigating the incident.
   Police are investigating the attempted theft on Jan. 18 of a 1993 Ford Explorer which was parked in front of its owner's residence in the 14700 block of 129th Avenue NE. The console of the vehicle and the ignition were damaged, and a cellular phone and micro-cassette recorder were taken from the vehicle.