JANUARY 27, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Dancers open mind, heart

Diversity Dance Workshop

Members of the Diversity Dance Workshop perform the Racism Dance at Leota Jr. High for Martin Luther King Day.
Photo by Deborah Stone.

Diversity Dance Workshop by Deborah Stone
It is said that our actions, more than our words, most often send the clearest messages. This was made very apparent last week as the Diversity Dance Workshop used dance and movement theatre to show the destructive nature of racism, sexism, violence, and drug abuse, as well as the importance of family support and unity during its performances at Leota Junior High.
   According to assistant principal Scott Farquhar, the group was selected to perform in honor of Martin Luther King Day to demonstrate to students the values of unity in diversity and hopefully inspire them to make positive social changes. "Messages about issues close to the students need to be delivered in various ways, not always through speakers, but through use of other mediums," said Farquhar.
   Diversity Dance Workshop is a non-profit educational performing arts company that works to increase awareness of important social issues.
   At Leota, the dancers left a powerful impression upon the students. "People often watch the show through tears," the Workshop's Sarah Windsor said.
   Most of the Leota students agreed that the messages hit home to them. One eighth grader, Justin Thomason, said, "It made me think a different way about things."