FEBRUARY 3, 1997

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Guest Columns

Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District: An agenda for today

WFLSD by Chief Steve Smith and Board Chairman Ben May
As 1997 begins, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District embarks on the creation of its strategic plan, which will set the department's direction for the next 2 to 5 years.

Bothell 'yes' vote will provide essential police services

new police HQ by John Curtin, Mayor of Bothell
The city of Bothell is asking voters for a permanent police station. The city already owns and has acquired options on one-half of the property across from City Hall.

Letters to the Editor

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Gift of a brick lasts for generations

Wilmot Park A swinging thank you to the Woodinville businesses and professionals who are providing space for brick and tile order forms to support the fundraising efforts to build our new community park.

Fox guarding the henhouse

legal costs Here is the final tabulation on the cost of the Fire District going to court over my request for public records.

A new Woodinville sign?

new sign There is only one word that comes to mind when I see the new Taco Bell: hideous! Obviously, there are no architectural guidelines (with any taste, that is) for new buildings in the city of Woodinville.

A way to participate in caring

Children's Country Home In Lisa Albright's letter (Jan. 13), she voiced considerable concern about Children's Country Home. Ms. Albright's commentary indicated that she harbored multiple reservations about the wisdom and motivations underlying the whole endeavor.

Take active role in dispelling fears

Children's Country Home Mary Shemesh (Jan. 20) states there is widespread support and active involvement of some of the members of our immediate neighborhood in creating Children's Country Home.

Clarifying Herbfarm plans

Herbfarm plans For several years, The Herbfarm has been meeting with King County to find solutions to various zoning issues. Last week, the King County Council revisited the new amendment which had languished through the election and holidays.

Expanded Herbfarm would impact neighborhood

Herbfarm expansion I cannot believe that members of the County Council would even consider letting The Herbfarm expand. We live about a 1/2 mile above them and for the past six years we have had many problems.