FEBRUARY 3, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Take active role in dispelling fears

Children's Country Home Mary Shemesh (Jan. 20) states there is widespread support and active involvement of some of the members of our immediate neighborhood in creating Children's Country Home. In addition, Ms. Shemesh made the statement that "she hoped that the future will dispel Ms. Albright's fears."
   First, we are members of the immediate neighborhood, and we are not aware of the widespread support and active involvement to which Ms. Shemesh alludes. Secondly, we, too, would appreciate knowing how this business gained approval from King County Zoning (or whomever) to operate in a rural single-family neighborhood.
   Finally, Ms. Shemesh should realize that the future often does not dispel fears, but information does. To our knowledge, Ms. Shemesh has done nothing to reach out to her prospective neighbors to inform us about the intended purpose of the group home, to communicate how she plans to minimize the impact of operating this business in our neighborhood, and to respond to any other concerns we may have.
   If Ms. Shemesh genuinely hopes that fears will be dispelled, perhaps it's time for her to take an active role in dispelling them. In so doing, she will be providing a service to her community and to the children she is responsible for assisting.

Roger and Carmen Wiswell, Woodinville