FEBRUARY 3, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Expanded Herbfarm would impact neighborhood

Herbfarm expansion I cannot believe that members of the County Council would even consider letting The Herbfarm expand. We live about a 1/2 mile above them and for the past six years we have had many problems. I have had to call the police on four separate occasions due to traffic congestion, noise from loudspeakers, and limited access due to crowds. This area is residential!
   I have no problem with the restaurant being rebuilt, but definitely no expansion. The main concern is this is a rural area with no sewers, with county two-lane roads, and with qualities that should not be tampered with.
   If we have to, we will fight with everything possible to maintain our lifestyle. Come out and visit the Valley, but do not try to ruin the way it is. If we can get petitions for Cedar County, please be assured it can be done to stop rezoning for a resort that will impact our neighborhood immensely!

Deborah Wagner, Fall City