FEBRUARY 3, 1997

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Child safety on the Internet: a guide for parents

Internet safety The King County Library System has two brochures and a homepage link with a list of issues and tips for guiding and teaching your child about the Internet. Highlights from those sources are included below.

What are the risks?
   Exposure to inappropriate material.
   Physical molestation, if your child provides information to a contact.
   Harassment, either by e-mail or in chat-rooms.

How can parents reduce the risks?
   Online services and providers allow parents to limit their children's access to certain services and features. There are also programs such as Netnanny and Surfwatch designed to enable parents to prevent children from accessing inappropriate materials on the Internet.
   These tools are not foolproof, but help control access, though they cannot take the place of parental involvement and supervision.
   If you have cause for concern about your children's online activity, talk to them. Also seek out the advice and counsel of other computer users in your area.
   Internet crimes are infrequent or not reported, and denying children access altogether because of the risks is impractical. Experts suggest helping your child to be "street smart" in order to better safeguard themselves in any potentially dangerous situation.

Rules for a child's online safety