FEBRUARY 3, 1997

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Rotary, Grace add to Wilmot Park fund

City funds marketing campaign

funds donated

Mystical Township of Grace Mayor-for-Life Terry Jarvis (left) hands a $2,500 check to Woodinville City Councilmember Scott Hageman for the Wilmot Gateway Park at the Woodinville Rotary's anniversary dinner, where the Rotary donated its check for $25,000 to the park.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Northwest News.

Wilmot Park by Jeff Switzer
The Woodinville Rotary Club made good on the second part of its $75,000 commitment to the Wilmot Gateway Park last Thursday, donating $25,000 towards its construction this summer.
   An unexpected contribution followed from the Mystical Township of Grace, representatives of which donated $2,500 of a pledged $5,000. John Hughes, Grand Marshal of Grace and member of the park fundraising committee, was honored by Woodinville Mayor Bob Miller and Deputy Mayor Don Brocha, who presented him with a voucher redeemable for a $1,000 tile in his name in the park.
   "Wow!" Hughes succinctly described his reaction. "I was kind of surprised. I didn't feel I needed to be recognized."
   At his own expense, Hughes published three editions of The Park Press for the Wilmot Gateway Park campaign. The campaign has paid for postage for the Press to be mailed throughout the area.
   Ninety percent of the construction drawings for the park has been completed and the permitting process has begun. Construction is slated to begin this summer. Construction costs will be about $1.5 million: $200,000 from outstanding grants, $750,000 from city funds, and $500,000 from private sector donations, including the brick and tile program and structure sponsorships.
   To date, park donations total $182,000. These include $75,000 from the Woodinville Rotary; $20,000 from the Woodinville Garden Club; $20,000 from Molbak's Inc.; $10,000 from Columbia Winery; $10,000 from Linda and Bill Renn; $9,000 from the Friends of Jerry Wilmot; and $5,000 each from Towne Bank, Frontier Bank, the Mystical Township of Grace, and the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce.
   The Woodinville City Council recently authorized funds totaling $33,200 for a marketing program for the fundraising campaign, $18,200 of which is for a marketing consultant who will advise the park campaign committee on how to raise the remaining $368,000.
   Lane Youngblood, director of Woodinville's Park and Recreation Department, said the council's action builds upon the huge support from the community.
   "The funds are going to support the efforts of a citizen driven fundraising effort for the park and give the technical expertise to meet the ambitious goals they've set for themselves," Youngblood said. "We need to give them the tools to be successful."
   The volunteer base and donors total more than 300 area residents and businesses.
   Rick Goodman, Woodinville Rotary president, said it feels good to be contributing to the park.
   "We've got a community that's pulling together to put something out there for everyone to enjoy," Goodman said. "The park will be an opportunity for picnics, small concerts--just a great family get-together place in a nice peaceful setting."
   The park's namesake, Jerry Wilmot, was a member of the Woodinville Rotary and its 1989-1990 president.
   Youngblood said the Rotary donation goes beyond its monetary value, as members have donated innumerable hours in leadership roles in the design, financial planning and fundraising.
   "They've taken on this project in a very big way," she added. "And for the Town of Grace to donate $2,500 is a very big deal. We're very proud to have the support of our neighboring jurisdiction."