FEBRUARY 10, 1997

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Guest Column

Relief and local control are goals of Republican property tax plan

property tax plan by Rep. Kathy Lambert, 45th District
Republican proposals in the state Legislature would not only reduce taxes immediately, but would also provide long-term protection for all Washington property taxpayers.

Letters to the Editor

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Dangers of unfiltered Internet access

unfiltered Internet access When can I expect to find Playboy in the periodical section of my local library? Sound ridiculous? Then why would we have unfiltered access to the Internet available at a public library?

Solution for teen accidents

teen accidents I have noticed in the Woodinville Weekly lately that there have been many accidents in the Woodinville area. These accidents seem to be involving 16- to 18-year-old kids.

Children's Country Home sorely needed

Children's Country Home Thursday morning, 1:30 a.m., I was up giving food, water, and medicine to my medically fragile son. Imagine my shock as I read a letter to the editor about Mary Shemesh and Children's Country Home. This letter described a Scrooge with only mercenary purposes.

Personal interest perceived as bias

Alberg Properties Regarding the Alberg properties: We believe that the poorly documented case of historical use of a hole in the ground for the past 40-70 years cannot and should not be the basis for a 120-acre LNC mining site.

Duvall volunteers in the 'hot zone'

volunteer firefighters Recently, there have been many articles written about the demise of the volunteer firefighter in neighboring fire districts. Duvall-KCFPD #45 is one of the finest fire departments around, owing to the high degree of training, experience, and dedication of our volunteers.