FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Children's Country Home sorely needed

Children's Country Home Thursday morning, 1:30 a.m., I was up giving food, water, and medicine to my medically fragile son. Imagine my shock as I read a letter to the editor by Lisa Albright (Jan. 13) about Mary Shemesh and Children's Country Home. This letter described a Scrooge Shemesh with only mercenary purposes behind the Children's Country Home.
   In a retro-1950s perfect world, the Children's Country Home, according to this letter, would be better situated in an industrialized neighborhood, away from those who would be uncomfortable or inconvenienced (my interpretation).
   Mary Shemesh is a person who has taken a caring attitude and created an agency (Acute Care) that provides quality nursing and a caring staff to families like mine. Mrs. Shemesh also saw a lack in the local community for a place for children to go for short-term respite care so families can go on vacation, have an evening out, or get a good night's sleep while their medically fragile child can stay with four or five friends in a homelike, safe setting.
   What she has done is take that vision, her natural talents, and desire to help and put together the Children's Country Home. It is a place that is sorely needed. If the letter writer could remove herself from the NIMBY point of view and walk for 24 hours in my shoes, her ideas would be very different.
   Our tax dollars pay to have children such as my son cared for in many different places--private homes, group homes, and hospitals. Insurance companies also pay, as do individuals. It is not an easy situation and there are no easy answers.
   The bottom line is I don't want people to see the accusation unanswered, because Mrs. Shemesh deserves better than that.

Karen M. King, Woodinville