FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Personal interest perceived as bias

Alberg Properties The following letter was sent to King County Councilmember Louise Miller.
Regarding the Alberg properties:
   First, you state that the Alberg properties are located west of Carnation. They are located north of Carnation.
   Second, you state that the stakeholders group missed this site on the final mineral mapping. The Alberg properties were only designated as having potential mineral resources, and documentation of historical use was deemed insufficient by DDES in their review of Albergs' mining proposal.
   According to our information, because the Albergs were unsuccessful in their challenge to certain development regulations relating to the zoning and regulation of mineral resources and agricultural lands (Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board Consolidated Case No. 95-3-0041, Sept. 13, 1995), they requested your assistance.
   One month later, on Nov. 13, 1995, you introduced an amendment on behalf of the Albergs to designate six parcels as legal non-conforming (LNC) mineral resource sites. Despite some opposition to your amendment from DDES and from the County Executive Office, it passed on Dec. 11, 1995.
   Third, you state that the Alberg properties had been historically mined in the '60s and early '70s. This historical record is virtually non-existent in files maintained by the DDES, the Growth Management Housing and Environment Committee, and the Utilities and Natural Resources Committee.
   Fourth, you state that in late 1995, a correction for two parcels was approved. This is also incorrect, as your amendment was approved for all six parcels. Furthermore, your assistant stated to several concerned citizens that they were misinformed about the Alberg properties and your letter is more correct.
   Since you have informed us of the pre-application meeting, we presume you are aware of the general nature of Albergs' proposed grading permit, which is to mine several million cubic yards, 12 hours per day, six days a week, for 15 years, at an average haul rate of over 100 truck tips per day.
   We perceive that your personal interest in the Alberg properties has already biased your concern for hundreds of other District 3 residents who would be directly affected by the mining activities, and dozens of nearby residents whose property values will be degraded. It is also unfortunate that the public notification process is limited to a handful of adjacent land owners and tiny notices posted in unattractive places.
   You have created this potential gravel pit and have generated confusion among many people. We believe that the poorly documented case of historical use of a hole in the ground for the past 40-70 years cannot and should not be the basis for a 120-acre LNC mining site.

Jim Eldridge, Vice President, Novelty Neighbors