FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency


Musician to create songs with parents

create songs Local singer and songwriter Jack Ballard will meet with parents of young children with special needs this week to help create a song based on their unique parenting experiences. The creativity session will take place at a regular meeting of the support group for parents which meets at Children's Services of Sno-Valley every Friday morning from 10:30-11:30.
   Jack Ballard will bring his guitar, voice, and inspiration on Friday, Feb. 14. In order to have time for the group songwriting process, Jack and the parents will begin that meeting a half-hour earlier than usual, from 10-11:30 a.m.
   Ballard is well-known to many families and children throughout the area for his work in several area school districts as a visiting musician/song crafter. He works with classes or groups of students of a variety of ages, from preschool on up, to help the children write, develop, and sing (and sometimes record) their own songs. Ballard is also known by many as the assistant teacher in several parent-toddler play groups at CSSV in North Bend and the PYCES program at Tolt Church in Carnation.
   The parents group is open to all parents of young children who have special developmental, medical, or learning needs, from birth through the early elementary years. Any interested parents are urged to come to the group on Friday mornings. Call Barbara at 888-2777 for information.