FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

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School Board sets new junior high boundaries

Timbercrest Jr. High by Jeff Switzer, senior staff reporter
With Timbercrest Jr. High opening this fall, the Northshore School Board has given its stamp of approval to the new junior high school alignments, finishing the daunting task begun by a group of parents several months ago.
   The Boundary Review Committee tried to have 100 percent of each elementary go to each junior high, but minor tweaking was necessary. However, they did achieve the goal of sending two junior highs to each high school. Secondary school assignments will now be based on elementary attendance areas.   Harry Vanikiotis, executive director of Secondary Education in Northshore, began sending letters to parents right after the board made its decision to inform parents seeking waivers for their children.
   "We will be giving priority to 8th and 11th graders, because those students have already spent two years at their schools," Vanikiotis said. "We will be doing everything possible to let them finish in that school."
   According to Vanikiotis, approximately 600 of the 8,000 students in grades six through 11 will be affected by the boundary changes.
   The deadline for waiver applications is Feb. 12. Forms can be obtained at any Northshore School. Capacity issues will be addressed first and some schools may have to limit the number of waivers they accept. Skyview Junior High will be the one closest to capacity, the district said. Vanikiotis can be reached at 489-6223.