FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

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Redmond settles with Quadrant

$3.5 million for traffic impacts

settlement The City of Redmond won't be taking their traffic appeals to the next level after a settlement was reached last week with Quadrant for $3.5 million for projected traffic impacts to the city from the forthcoming Northridge development.
   Redmond had appealed Hearing Examiner Stafford Smith's recommendation that Quadrant pay only $829,556. The King County Council made no alterations to that recommendation and approved Northridge as an urban planned development and then a fully-contained community. Redmond identified $4.5 million in impacts to city roads from the project.
   Friends of the Law and Coalition for Public Trust still plan to sue King County in Superior Court over their approval of Northridge. The two grassroots organizations maintain that the project will interfere with property rights and lacks sufficient water supply. They also contend that County Councilmember Chris Vance violated the appearance of fairness doctrine.