FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

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Tips for family fun on a rainy day

rainy day fun If there's rain in your forecast, follow these tips to brighten up your child's day.
   Read a book. Educators say kids should read at least 15 minutes every day. The benefits are an increased vocabulary and better scholastic performance.
   Watch a video. One of the most popular new offerings is New Line Home Video's The Adventures of Pinocchio. This classic tale come to life with animatronic effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. This inspirational tale about a rambunctious puppet who longs to become a real boy stars Academy Award-winner Martin Landau and teen superstar Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
   Make a marionette. Using popsicle sticks, string, and pipe cleaners, you'll be amazed at what creations you can come up with.
   Play educational games on the computer. With the increased availability of CD-ROM hardware and software, it isn't difficult to find a fun game that also offers educational benefits.
   Perform your own version of Pinocchio or any favorite story for your friends. Draw upon your acting skills and create a production for your friends and family.
   Get creative. Use colored pencils, old water colors, crayons, and/or markers. Don't limit yourself to one--mix and match. This is a day to try new things!
   Spend the day at the public library. There's a wealth of good children's literature at your public library, and it's available for your use, free of charge!
   Fingerpaint. Perhaps nothing unleashes the creativity of children better than the free-for-all feeling possible only from fingerpaints.
   Paint flower pots and plant some seeds to grow a beautiful flower. Any time of the year is right for the cheerful effects flowers can bring.
   Dance to The Adventures of Pinocchio soundtrack. Featuring the soothing upbeat voice of Stevie Wonder, the soundtrack is one that will make you get up and move.