FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

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Flower and Garden winners

winners Molbak's, Berg's Landscaping, and Judy Thomas Floral Design, all of Woodinville, were award winners at the 1997 Northwest Flower and Garden Show.
   Berg's won a silver medal in the Au Naturel category with a garden that displayed a naturalistic design. They also won a gold in the Water Smart competition. Their entry best demonstrated good gardening principles and techniques for enhanced water-use efficiency and long-term water quality.
   An exhibit containing a structure of expert craftsmanship won a gold for Molbak's in the Edifice section. The nursery also won a silver in the Palette category with their skillful use of color, and judges awarded them a second place in the Florist competition.
   Judy Thomas Floral Design was awarded third place in the Florist judging.