FEBRUARY 10, 1997

 The Edwards Agency

Local News

Woodinville man shot in parking lot

man shot by Jeff Switzer, senior staff reporter
WOODINVILLE--A 26-year-old man was driven to Evergreen Hospital by his girlfriend Friday afternoon after he was shot in the leg with a large caliber handgun in the Wells Wood housing authority complex near the Woodinville Park & Ride.
   According to Woodinville Police, the victim's girlfriend, 34, who they believe lives at the complex, drove Paul D. Nagan to the hospital after he had been shot. Police say he has outstanding drug felony warrants and the girlfriend identified herself with a false name.
   Nagan spent several hours in surgery after the bullet wound, believed to have been caused by a .38 caliber or 9mm gun, severed the femoral artery in his upper left leg. The girlfriend was later taken into custody for an outstanding DWI warrant out of Seattle municipal court.
   After coming out of surgery, Nagan told police he had been shot in Seattle, but police are skeptical, given the large, flowing pool of blood in the eastern parking lot of the apartment complex. Children riding bikes through the area alerted passers-by of what they had driven through. The Wells Wood complex is located behind the Edgewood Apartments at 18100 142nd Ave. NE.
   The King County major crimes unit is also investigating the shooting and the cause, the shooter and the circumstances were still unknown as of Monday morning.

In other police news:
   Jan. 31: Unknown suspects drilled the lock out of a door in the 18700 block of 142nd Avenue NE, and made off with 11 computers, four printers, a fax machine, a postage meter, a shredder, and monitors, also damaging three ceiling tiles, one vent, and the door lock.
   Feb. 3: A stereo and 20 CDs were taken from a 1990 Honda Accord parked at the Edgewood Apartments.
   Feb. 6: Two inebriated students were contacted by police on the corner near Leota Junior High School around 2:45 p.m. The 16-year-old male Woodinville High student and 15-year-old female SAS student "appeared to be unaffected by the charge of minor in possession (MIP) and laughed during the contact," the police report reads. The two were taken to their homes, and police are recommending minor in possession charges for possession and/or consumption of alcohol.
   Police are looking for a transient who was allowed to stay for several days at a Woodinville Fire Station just before Christmas. Several hundred dollars were charged to a stolen gas card between Dec. 22 and Jan. 30 before officials could cancel it.