FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Student interns at Disney hotel

Gen Dujenski

Gen Dujenski of Woodinville returned home after an internship with Disney in Florida. She is a student in the hotel management program at Lake Washington Technical College.
Photo by Deborah Stone/Northwest News.

internship by Deborah Stone
Gen Dujenski of Woodinville recently returned from a five-month internship with the Disney Corporation at its Dixie Landings Resort in Orlando, Florida. The internship was part of a two-year program leading to an associate degree in the Hotel Services and Operations program at Lake Washington Technical College.
   At the hotel in Disney World, she received hands-on experience in all facets of the hospitality industry. "It was a wonderful experience, and I got a real taste of actual work conditions. They had me working all different types of hours in the various service areas," Dujenski said. "I worked in housekeeping, at the front desk, in bell and guest services, and even in the custodial department."
   She found it to be fun, crazy, and fast-paced, but discovered the key to success in the field is human relations and problem solving skills.
   Dujenski plans to graduate in August and hopes to return to Orlando to begin working at an entry level position at one of the Disney hotels. She feels that the internship and Lake Washington's program have prepared her well for employment in the field. "The classes are demanding, and there's lots of reading, but it's all so interesting. We learn not only the technical aspects of operations, but also management and human relations skills and about cultural diversity." Dujenski said.
   Ralph Jones, a previous manager of the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, is the head of the program at LWTC. According to Dujenski, he is a dynamic lecturer who has much knowledge to share with his students.
   The mandatory internship allows students to experience the industry firsthand and determine whether a career in hotel services is truly what they wish to pursue. For Dujenski, it clarified her total commitment to finishing the program at LWTC and working in the field.
   For more information about this program or others at Lake Washington Technical College, call 828-5600.