FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Woodinville acquires its second park

Waterford Park

Waterford Park, currently closed due to nearby development, is Woodinville's second park and best-kept secre,t as most think the park belongs to the apartment complexes on either side.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Northwest News.

Waterford Park by Jeff Switzer
On the eve of its anniversary as a city, Woodinville now has two parks under its belt, after it finalized the transfer of Waterford Park from King County last week. Located along the Burke-Gilman Trail near the Waterford Apartments on the south bypass, Waterford Park sports a half-court basketball court, a covered sitting area, three picnic tables and parking for six cars.
   But the amenity most are excited about is the tennis court. "For a young city, to have tennis courts is pretty amazing," said Deputy Mayor Don Brocha.
   The park is a little larger than four acres, has direct trail access, and is handicapped accessible.
   The park is currently closed due to stormwater facility construction by Brittany Park. When that construction is complete, the contractors will be returning the site to its former status.
   Lane Youngblood, director of Parks and Recreation for the city, is excited about the opportunity the park represents and says the Parks Board will be looking at a laundry list of options for the site. "We'll also be exploring the idea of tennis camps and other ways of creating recreational opportunities at that site," she said.
   Waterford Park is a stone's throw from the future Wilmot Gateway Park, slated for construction this summer. The city's first park was a neighborhood park in Woodinville Heights.