FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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City seeking FCC license for information station

information station The City of Woodinville could be on the air in about five months after the Federal Communications Commission processes their application for a traveler's information station.
   For $180, the city has applied for an AM radio license for a 2.5-mile radius around Woodinville City Hall. The next step is securing $8,000 in equipment to broadcast tourist and emergency information to freeway and local drivers and residents.
   The City Council was hoping the station would be up and running for the Fourth of July Festival in the Sammamish Valley, but was told it would take as many as five months for the FCC to process the application.
   Installation of the equipment will be $1,000 to $1,500, just under $10,000 for the whole project, which is not in the city's 1997 budget, but could come from the reserve fund.
   "I think it would be a nice tool to inform visitors of roads to take. But also in the event of an emergency, citizens will want to listen to it to hear what's going on, like a message letting them know we're snowplowing roads," said City Clerk/Treasurer Jim Katica. Katica's voice could very well become the Voice of Woodinville.
   Katica submitted the application, which included global positioning data and a measurement from ground to roof of city hall.