FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Woodinville Lions celebrate with their sweethearts

Sweetheart Night The energy of love was apparent last Friday night at the annual Woodinville Lion's Club "Sweetheart Night." The Lions and their sweethearts read aloud their carefully-selected Valentine Day's cards, and in one case a small book, while looking lovingly into each other's eyes. The verses ranged from serious, to light-hearted, to slightly suggestive.
   The Lions who forgot their cards ad-libbed, one reading the messages from the decorations posted on the wall. Awards were given for the funniest and craziest card.
   The annual event was attended by more than 40 people who enjoyed a sit-down dinner catered by Party Dress, a silent auction that raised money for community service projects, and entertainment by Bothell's "Mad Hatters," who changed hats for each number. Each couple had their photo taken with a heart backdrop.
   The Woodinville Lion's Club will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in June.