FEBRUARY 17, 1997

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Dining In: Soups--hearty, healthy, and delicious

Gardening: Soil preparation in the vegetable garden

gardening Last week, this column gave you a lot of good advice about fertilizing. Vegetable gardens were mentioned as needing regular fertilization. This week I would like to elaborate on that, assuming that some of you may be thinking about digging up a plot for a food garden.

Knoll bungalow features 'universal design'

universal design Every year, Knoll Lumber and Hardware builds a house for the Seattle Home Show, featuring the latest in residential construction and decoration. This year's model, "Country Bungalow," is flush with universal design features.

Tax changes for 1996

tax law changes Tax law changes could affect the bottom line of your 1996 income tax return. Each year, there are changes to the tax rules, some due to new laws, some to changes provided for in previous laws.

Can't pay, file anyway

late tax returns Don't let a shrinking wallet turn into a late federal income tax return. The results could make that wallet even emptier.

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